In general, the good quality of DELAGE original design and manufacture means that with proper maintenance, long life is assured. With the growth in popularity of old car restoration, there are now many firms specialising in repair to engines, chassis, transmission and coachwork. Some have particular experience of Delage models and components. (Details are available on specific request)

Some particular items have been re-manufactured, including:

Cylinder blocks for type DR,
Replacement cylinder heads for DI range of engines,
Copper/asbestos gasket replacements,
Copper/carbon brushes for Cotal Gearboxes,
Modern oil filter adaptors for DM and DR series cars,
Quick attach/detach electrical connectors (1920-30 cars).

Pistons can in many cases be replaced with modern ones. This scenario is continually changing and your feedback from practical experience is welcome.

Club News-Sheets regularly contain advertisements for Delage spare (and cars), as do Specialist car magazines and newspapers.

Many DELAGE owners have built up a stock of second hand components for their own peace of mind, and may be able to help in cases of desperate need.