DELAGE. A Brief History, 1905-26
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Louis Delage forms Company to design and build cars, and engages Augustin Legros as chief engineer. From the outset, quality of design and manufacture is their watchword. First cars, Types A and B, are produced using single cylinder de Dion engines.
Types C and D. Sales improve with first racing success, and Company expands facilities.
2 cyl de Dion engines used in model G. 4 cyl engines introduced with models H (de Dion),
J (Ballot or de Dion), L (Chapuis Dornier) and M (Chapuis Dornier then Delage's own).
Winner of Coupe de l'Auto race in car with unique engine design by N. Causan

Winner of Boulogne Grand Prix

Winner of Amiens Grand prix

Winner of Lyon Grand Prix with 4 litre desmodromic ohv engined car


Army vehicle production

Sees introduction of 4.5 litre 6 cylinder cars, followed by the popular 2 litre 4 cyl side-valve engined type DE (3,600 built). A 6 litre GL series is also produced to rival the best cars in the world. Sporting interest is maintained with 5 and 6 litre sprint/hillclimb cars, and a 10.5 litre V12 Land Speed Record car.
The DE is given an ohv head for the Le Mans event (designated type 2LS), and this development heralds introduction of the popular DI series of cars to be produced from 1923 to '28.

1923/25 sees Grand prix car design with five 2 litre
V 12 cars being built, power output reaching
190 bhp.

1926/27 sees the ultimate achievement; Delage becomes "Champion du Monde" with 1.5 litre straight 8 GP cars that "sweep the boards."

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